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Stock Option Trading Information?

This is a guide to what I've found to be the most consistently profitable option trading strategies.

If you’ve been looking for stock option trading information, this may be typical of what you’ve found or heard:

 “Option trading is too risky.”

 “Learning option trading is too complicated.”

 “Even with the best option trading strategy, it's too easy to lose money.”

Why?  Well, some of that can be true when trading options the wrong way.  But when done correctly, certain option trading strategies can not only supplement your income or create wealth, they have the potential to replace your income instead of settling for some soul-crushing, mind numbing 9-5 job.

Making money when you're wrong?

Often we think of making money in the stock market as buying shares of stock and selling after the stock goes up.  But what if there is a way to make money even when you are wrong about the direction a stock moves?

Let that sink in for a minute.  The stock option trading information you have run across may not have included that interesting bit of information.  I can't emphasize this aspect of option trading enough -- it can transform your trading. 

If you're new to learning option trading, you should know that there are option trading strategies that involve putting on a position at prices where the stock (or index) has little chance of going, determined by certain filters – not shooting for price levels you “hope” the stock will reach, or that it “should” reach.

This is exactly what I do, week in and week out.  Here are the results of just a few recent option trades, typical of results during any given week.  The term “margin” used below, if you are unfamiliar with it, is the amount of money that needs to be in the account to make the trades:

Apple, $385 gain on $3115 margin in one day
Google, $750 gain on $4250 margin within a week
Netflix, $545 gain on $4454 margin within a week
Tesla, $483 gain on $3017 margin within a week
Priceline, $420 gain on $5580 margin within a week

Yes, there are losses too, nothing in trading is perfect.  But if you manage your trade and position size, the gains will far exceed losses.

So why consider these option trading strategies? 5 Reasons:

Here are some questions I want to ask you, and if you identify with any of this, it could be that the stock option trading information discussed here is for you:

  • Have you tried online trading of stocks and options, only to come away frustrated with losses, or small returns that might add up and do you some good in 20 or 30 years, just in time for retirement?
  • Have you tried futures trading, but only have inconsistent results, or maybe even big losses to show for it?  Often after watching every tick on the screen for hours?
  • Are you doing well earning salary and bonuses but seeking the best ways to escape from being one of the living dead in corporate hell, and build a life free from 9-5 drudgery and involuntary servitude?
  • Do you have an interest in trading and anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $125,000 and up to work with, and have been confused by stock option trading information you've found, about what to do to get the most out of it?
  • Are you retired now, but can allocate some funds to conservative stock option trading as a way to add to your income?

A way out?

It depends, there are a lot of variables.  But the option trading strategies discussed here are some of the most consistent money makers I have ever traded.  I see too many people waste time and money using minimally effective (or worse) stock or option trading strategies.

To paraphrase legendary trader Larry Williams, a successful trader has an intense desire to make large amounts of money, and a deep dissatisfaction with the way things are… it’s about being able to overcome and change one’s situation -- it’s about finding a way out

If you can identify with this or the questions above, look around the site, learn, absorb, and take action. The stock option trading information and option trading strategies are here to help you to begin changing your situation and reach your goals.